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In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, Acceptance Melbourne proudly presents “Embracing Our Past, Shaping Our Future: A 50-Year Journey.”


This panel discussion brings together remarkable voices from our community,  exploring the rich history of Australian LGBTQ+ Catholics within the Church.

Guided by our emcee and current president, Vinith Menezes, we are joined by our four panellists:

Earle Goldie: A retired primary school teacher who once contemplated priesthood but did not end up going through with it, in part due to accepting his homosexuality. Despite being a victim of police entrapment, Earle’s journey is a testament to self-discovery.

Teresa Ma: Formally involved with the Catholic organisation Courage advocating celibacy for same-sex attracted people, now Teresa is safe to be both queer and Catholic with Acceptance Melbourne, and has previously acted as its president.

Fr Kevin McGovern: With over 20 years of ministering to and with queer Catholics in Brisbane and Melbourne, Father Kevin has witnessed the growth of diversity in gender and culture, and the vital involvement of allies and family members.

Dr. Fran Donovan: Born in an Irish Catholic tradition, Dr. Fran’s journey is multifaceted. An Army Combat Medic in the Vietnam War, a mental health professional, and a former MP in the Parliament of WA. Fran courageously came out as non-binary transgender at 62, and has left a mark on our community as the previous Vice-President of Acceptance Melbourne.